Thank you, all! Photograph of the Month – 9th Month, 1st Place.


Photo of the Day - February 01


This photograph will be published on Page 2 of our magazine.
We will publish a special interview with Natalia Torrealba in the Photographer with Style section of the magazine, and the Exclusive Interview section on our website.
For our 9th month, we had a head-to-head contest between the top scorers and the photographs that scored the highest became winners of the Photo of the Month. Our team decided to honor these top scorers as 2nd and 3rd places with a page in the next issue of our magazine, where the photographers will share their stories of these photographs. We will also publish their interviews in the Exclusive Interview section on our Web.

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | February 01
Award Score: 75 (Value 13.5, Clarity 14, Composition 19, Style 14, Skill 14.5)

Title of the photograph: Fly away Home
Photo of the Day Award Category: Artistic Photography
Photograph Location: Coro | Venezuela

Photographer: Natalia Torrealba ( Coro, Venezuela )
Natalia Torrealba is a person who loves art, design and photography. Her favorite words: respect, integrity and professionalism. In the past, she had the responsibility to be the Associate Director of a Museum of Visual Arts, and the Graphics Coordinator in a publishing company where she was exposed to a number of demanding responsibilities. Presently, she is working as an independent photographer. Her education in Art and Photography has allowed her to build technical as well as creative concepts when developing a strong message for particular audiences. For Natalia, being a professional doesn’t mean to have it all. It means being a better observer in life, where her knowledge and confidence play an important role in her own decisions.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations, Natalia! Very well deserved award, and very beautiful photo. I confess that I voted in favor of it a few months ago, when you were making the promotion, and explaining how you got on your knees to take it, etc.. To continue your successes!


  2. NATHIE says:

    Much appreciate it, Fernando! It means a lot to me that you have taken some time to leave your kind comments. Thank you!


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