Recycling Program | Matarile, Private School

I am eager to collaborate and provide the guidance to start a Recycling Program at my daughter’s school (Matarile, Private School – Falcon, Venezuela). Definitively, I would like to inspire and enable my community to make living environment better. No doubt I want to provide assistance but first, I need to fund my recycling initiatives and break down any barriers my community may face when starting this program. I have contemplated our recycling needs budge and need $1000 to buy 4 large recycling bins and other waste collection containers for paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum cans to place them at my daughter’s school. I believe that if I obtain these recycling bins they would impact not only to start recycling at once, but also would be the beginning of the culture of recycling in my community. I want our place to reduce the amount of solid waste to protect health and the environment. Positively, the success of this program eventually would influence thinking behavior and inspire others to implementing recycling programs in other schools.

Your generosity means so much to us and your support will help our community tremendously. Please consider making a donation. Thank you very much! Please donate today and make a difference. Click here for more information.

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