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In order to improve students’ interest in English Learning, I have designed English extra-curricula activities (Not for credit) designed to help students improve their communication skills through fun and interactive lessons.

Description and goals

These multi-skills activities provide an introduction to the basic structures of the English language and focuses on the listening and speaking skills.

  • Introduction to English as a second language, beginner and intermediate.
  • Maximum class-size: 4 students per class. You must be 18 years old or older.

The goal of these activities is to teach students to communicate effectively in English by listening and speaking. It is designed for beginners and intermediates who are literate in one language and interested in learning English for basic communication.

Where Does Learning Take Place?

Starting in November, Kids Learning Place will provide these English activities for students in the best Caribbean Island, ARUBA. In contrast to traditional education, classes will be held in an outstanding Hotel or any well-known Resort of the Island.

Learning for you will be occurred in informal settings! It means that our classroom will be held in an exquisite beachfront suite with all the comfort and functionality that will boost your appetite for learning. Also, the location where learning takes place is flexible and changes based on the pathway and the needs of the student. It could be close to the lobby and the pool/beach area, etc. Informal learning allows learners the freedom to make organic discoveries.

So, forget the idea that students must be seated at desks studying and working in rows! It is so archaic! Informal social learning spaces as a strategy to enhance the student experience are becoming more prevalent nowadays. Many students work hard to acquire good study skills, but not many realize that having the right place to study is just as important.


Length and schedule

  • 20 hours per week
  • Monday – Friday
  • 4 hours each day
  • Morning: 8 AM to 12 PM  

    Fun after class! After class, you can use the swimming pool and the private beach of the Hotel to have fun for 5 days!


Sessions  Dates Duration Registration
Winter I 13 – 17 Nov 1 week (20 Each week hours) Open
Winter II 20 – 24 Nov 1 week (20 Each week hours)  /
Winter III 27 – 1 Dec 1 week (20 Each week hours)  /
Winter IV 11 – 15 Dec 1 week (20 Each week hours)  /

Ready to learn English the fast, fun and easy way?

I would be very much happy to help you learn more about the English language. I have been teaching English for more than 7 years at Kids Learning Place in Venezuela with a handful of Private students. I find teaching a lot of fun; I love teaching all levels and strive to be the best tutor I can be. I can give you a strong foundation on basic grammar so you could confidently conquer the world by using English to your advantage. I can teach you how to communicate effectively to other people so you can be more productive.

I love to help people reach their dreams by offering effective strategies to learn English in a personalized and fun way. Let me know how I can help.

With that said, I am very much hoping that you would join my class.

I would love to help you learn English!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Please feel free to call me on 58-414-68 20 374 or contact by nathieblog@gmail.com, if you require any further information.

See you in Aruba!

Natalia Torrealba | English Instructor

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