Anak Bangsa Foundation

Over 1 out of 10 children in Indonesia is forced by poverty to help his/her parents survive by working. A lot of children search for plastic at the garbage dump, beg for money at busy traffic lights end up in the streets with all the risks of diseases, abuse and in the worst case sexual assualt.

What are we doing?

Anak Bangsa Foundation has set up the Family Care program for underprivileged children: children follow free, good quality, education and learn skills to expand their chances of a superior future.

Education only is not enough. By building wells, renovation of houses and building bathrooms we ensure these children can grow up in a healthy and safe environment. We also provide proper nutrition to fortify their development and improvement.

Medical care and economy empowerment to the parents helping them set up a small business make this program complete.

Only with your assistance, we can break the cycle of poverty and help these underprivileged children to build a better future.

Make the difference!

Every donation makes a difference! For only € 5,- per month a child can go to school and get the chance to build a better future.1n

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